Star Ratings

After I’ve read a book, I will award it a star rating based on how much I enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy!) it.

All my reviews are 100% honest – no matter where I received the book from.

I base my reviews on the characters, setting, writing, believability, how invested I feel in the story and how it makes me feel. Very subjective!

Even if I don’t like a book, I try to explain why in my reviews. I may rate a book 1 star because of a certain situation – and you happen to love reading about that same situation in the stories you choose. So don’t pass on a book just because of the star rating.

I don’t use a hard and fast set of rules but I tend to use the following guidelines when rating a book:

 1 star: Poor book. Didn’t like it and wouldn’t recommend it. Few (if any) redeeming features.

2 stars: Not my cup of tea. It might appeal to some people or does have some redeeming features. 

3 stars: It was alright. Enjoyable in parts and readable but it didn’t wow me. Not something I would necessarily rave about or read again.

4 stars: Enjoyable book. A really good read and one that I would recommend.

5 stars: Exceptional book. Really enjoyable and has that little bit of extra magic. Highly recommended.