Tropes are the dreams of speech.

Vladimir Nabokov

What is a romance trope?

A trope is a commonly used plot device, situation or storyline.

It doesn’t tell you what the story will be, just what the underlying theme will be. Common tropes in romance are enemies-to-lovers, billionaire romance, love triangle and second chance romance to name but a few. And there are LOADS!

A book can use as many tropes as they fancy. You could have an enemies to lovers romance which is also a second chance romance – and they’re neighbours, and work together, and one of them is a secret billionaire.

An author can take the trope and turn it on its head, or put a unique spin on it. As well as helping you find a book that you might like, tropes can also help you weed out the books you’re not looking to read.

Life’s too short to read books that you’re not going to like!

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