Erotica Romance Category

I still love to read fairy tales… I just like them a bit dirtier now.

What is erotica?

Erotica is a story where sex takes a central role.

There is likely to be more graphic language, more daring sexual encounters and sometimes may introduce another person into the relationship.

For the purposes of this blog, I use the terms erotica and erotic romance synonymously. What I mean is that the erotica I read will have the romantic relationship at the heart of its plot.

Some may confuse erotica with pornography. Pornography tends to be sex (or a sexual situation) where the goal is only sexual satisfaction or gratification. Erotica has sex (or sexual situations) as a consistent theme within a larger story.

Neither is wrong and each has its time and place. If you enjoy it – read it! If you don’t, leave it for someone else to enjoy. 😀

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