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I think I’m always going to be a paranormal girl at heart. I’m always going to be intrigued by it.

jennifer armentrout

What is Speculative / Sci-Fi Romance?

Speculative / sci-fi romance is a catch-all term for romance that is out of this world.

This could be paranormal romances – with ghosts, ghouls, vampires, werewolves or a mixture thereof.

It could also be a shifter romance where either a hero or heroine takes human form part of the time and an animal – such as a wolf, bear, panther etc – the rest of the time.

You also get alien romances or romances taking place on other planets.

Or futuristic, sci-fi romances where the action and romance takes place in a future very different to the present.

These fantasy romances tend to all be a little darker than contemporary romance and, along with the romance, have an element of suspense and action.

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