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Review: My Weekend with Death by Angelique Migliore

Is love strong enough to conquer even death? What about a heart of stone?

When the Angel of Death needs a weekend off, she rips Errat off the side of a building in downtown Chicago, infuses him with heavenly ichor, and makes him a substitute for forty-eight hours—in name only. Ecstatic to be free, he promises to do exactly as the Angel of Death asks in hopes of remaining alive after the weekend. Under no circumstances will he reap any souls and yield the Kiss of Death on anyone. His only desire is to spend time with the beautiful punk-rock woman who visits him often.

She hasn’t shared her plan for peace with anyone—not even her grotesque friend with whom she talks so much. For twenty years, these voices inside of her head have kept her from focusing on anything, and she is designing an app which needs to be coded. Halloween is this weekend—the night with the thinnest veil between this world and the next. She will implore all the forces of the universe to take these voices away from her.

But is her stone friend coming to life a sign for the better or worse? Will this chilly Halloween romance set her free, or will it be the end of both their lives?

Title:My Weekend with Death
Author:Angelique Migliore
Genre(s):Speculative / Sci-Fi
Trope(s):Hallowe’en Romance
Point of View:First Person, Past Tense, Single Viewpoint (Hero)
Location:Chicago, USA
Release Date:1st October, 2021
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Monstrously entertaining romance

Despite this being a romance novel, it isn’t my usual fare as I tend to shy away from any kind of monsters or scariness. But I do so love Angelique Migliore and since it’s coming up to Halloween, I decided to leap outside my comfort zone and give this story a go. I’m so happy I did, too, as far from being scary, this story is fun, sweet, hot and delightfully offbeat.

Zosia is a cute and quirky punk rocker who, due to some argumentative voices in her head, only really finds peace when she’s spending time with her one and only friend. Unfortunately he just happens to be an inanimate gargoyle on the side of a building. Sorry, he’s a grotesque, not a gargoyle! However, Zosia is a fun character and I really enjoyed her.

That grotesque is Errat and despite the fact he’s made of stone, he’s aware of the world around him. And very aware of the woman that visits him and chatters away to him. He adores her and it was so sweet and emotional to watch his devotion only increase as he comes alive and spends more and more time with Zosia.

“…I enjoyed every grotesque second of it.”

As a couple, Errat and Zosia just work. They have a great chemistry and their relationship is built on friendship – despite one of them being inanimate stonework for much of their time together! They are also delightfully hot with a couple of sizzling sex scenes in our story. Errat does have some knowledge of life and stuff, but in many ways he’s also a bit of a novice which adds a humorous element to the sexy times.

There’s a lot of humour in other aspects of the story, too, and I laughed out loud of many an occasion. The Wings especially kept me amused! Where do you suppose I can find my own set of sentient angel wings?

In terms of a storyline, this is probably more intricate than my normal romance reads, but I understood it completely. There are lots of things going on but you never have to concentrate so hard on the elements that you lose the enjoyment you’re taking in Errat and Zosia’s romance. It’s also strangely given me a hankering for Polish baked goods.

This is a fairly short story at 116 pages but you’ll race through every one of them. It’s a fun and quirky take on a monster story and I enjoyed every grotesque second of it. It may not be my usual but I’m thrilled that I read this intricate and monstrously entertaining romance. 5 stars.

While in her third year of French at high school, Angelique was forced to journal every day. Never a lover of her own personal diaries, she rewrote Romeo and Juliet in French. Except that Romeo was a duck-billed platypus, and Juliet was a strawberry. It was a doomed, albeit deliciously sweet relationship from the start.

Long before that, Angelique wrote, performed, and recorded ridiculously caddy commercials with her best friend from grade school, Shannon. Born a creative soul, she enjoys the many ways her artistic nature bubbles to the surface: quilts, jewelry, cooking, and baking, etc. 

Ever the optimist, Angelique believes the best is yet to come, sharing a meal is the quickest route to peace, and love conquers all. We are all far more alike than we are different. 

Although she was born and raised in the paradise that is the Emerald Coast of the Florida Panhandle, not traveling has never been an option for Angelique. It’s a small world, after all, and we have but a limited amount of time on this beautiful planet of ours to experience it firsthand. 

Religion and Linguistics are her first true loves. She also adores rugby. And champagne. With fresh raspberries, if you please.

Kissing is her favorite pastime.


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