Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for Jo Reads Romance.

Please read this page in full before submitting your post.

JRR accepts guest posts relating to:
  • Romance Novels
  • Romance Publishing
  • Bookish Culture
  • Writing Romance
  • Reading Culture

Content that is outwith the scope of my blog will not be considered.

All guest posts must be editorial. No fiction or poetry will be considered.

There is no requirement for the length of your post. However please make it detailed enough to be interesting and relevant to JRR’s audience, but not so long that they lose interest.

All submissions are subject to being edited.

Outgoing links are fine but they must go somewhere relevant to the blog piece and of interest and benefit to readers of the post. Overzealous backlinks will be removed.

I will retain the rights to all guest posts published on my blog.

You will be cited as the author of the blog post and always be given credit for having written it.

Please include a personal bio and photograph to sit under your blog post. Links to your website and socials are encouraged.

Please ensure that your spelling and grammar is correct. While errors are natural, your piece should be well-written and to a good standard.

You do not have to match the writing style / voice of my blog. Be you! Be unique! Feel free to swear but please don’t use racist, sexist, homophobic etc language.

If you would like your post to appear at a certain date and time, please indicate this in your email. I schedule posts in advance so please try to give me as much time as possible – at least 1 month – to ensure you can have the date you require.

I will need to see the full and final article copy before I can agree to publish it on my blog.

If you are approved as a guest blogger:

Please respond to comments on the blog post as appropriate.

Please share the post on your socials and through your lists.

What to do now:

Please email me with either your idea for a guest blog post, or a fully written blog post (so long as it’s not been posted previously elsewhere).

If I think it’s a good fit for the post, I will reply to discuss details, scheduling and the like.

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you with your ideas soon.

My contact details are / can be found here.