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Audiobook Review: Love Me Tomorrow by Maria Luis 🎧

They call her America’s Sweetheart.
And me? I’m the so-called “inked god” she dumped on TV.

I’ve tried to forget her. I’ve tried to move on.
Until I discover that her family is opening a new restaurant next to my tattoo parlor.

If I were a gentleman, I’d offer my congratulations and go my own way. If I were a gentleman, I’d let her be… but I’m not.

Savannah Rose may claim I’m nothing more than a friend, but that slight hitch in her breath whenever I get too close says that America’s sweetheart is nothing but a liar.

All it takes is one scorching kiss, and I vow in her ear: “You’re going to beg. Beg me to touch you, beg me to give you more, and if you’re real good, maybe I’ll do it all over again before you have to beg for that too.”

I’m no gentleman.
But Savannah Rose? She’s no one’s sweetheart but mine.

Title:Love Me Tomorrow
Author:Maria Luis
Narrator(s):Aure Nash
Jason Clarke
Series:Put a Ring on It (Book 3)
Pages / Length:456 / 12h 35m
Category / Genre(s):Contemporary
Trope(s):Second Chance Romance
Friends to Lovers
Point of View:First Person, Present Tense, Dual Viewpoint (H & h)
Location:New Orleans, Louisiana, US
Release Date:31st August, 2023
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Didn’t hit the mark for me

3 stars

I adored Hold Me Today – the first book in the Put A Ring On It series by Maria Luis. I mean adored it. I called it ‘truly spectacular’ and I couldn’t wait to read more from Ms Luis. When I heard she was releasing the third book in the Put A Ring On It series – this one – in audio, I was ridiculously excited hoping it would match Hold Me Today. Sadly, this just didn’t hit many of my expectations.

We start off with Savannah Rose – a New Orleans native and part of a rich and successful restaurant dynasty. She’s reluctantly taking part in a Bachelor type show when the man of her dreams, Owen Harvey, turns up on set. We now cut to modern day only to find out Savannah turned away Owen, ditching him on live TV. But she’s back and while she definitely came across as shy, subservient and meek in the beginning, Savannah’s main aim seems to be to needle and rattle Owen. It felt like she didn’t want him but wanted him to tease him knowing fine well he wants her. She was also very out of touch – sending 100s of roses to Owen simply to piss him off. She constantly complains about not being in charge of her own life and having lived a tough life. She’s overwrought in her VP role at her family firm (ah, nepotism!), yet she just took months off for filming and then an 8 month tour around Europe. Tell me again how I’m supposed to feel sorry for you, hon?

Savannah was voiced by Aure Nash and she didn’t really help me feel the love for Savannah. Her ‘normal’ speaking voice was absolutely fine but she added too much inflection and at times she overacted her part for my liking. I wasn’t keen on her ‘male’ voices either.

I also wasn’t sure what ethnicity our heroine was meant to be. On the book cover she looks white but in the story she says she’s Louisiana Creole. I definitely think she was supposed to be a POC so why the cover model? I’m confused.

“…[it] made zero sense. The whole thing made zero sense.”

Owen Harvey is our hero and on the surface, he ticks all the boxes for me. He’s a tatted up bad boy who’s a bit gruff and a bit grumpy. He’s also absolutely smitten with Savannah – so much so that he even crashes her Bachelor show in the hopes of declaring his love. But as we dig deeper, it’s all a bit more confusing. He dated Savannah’s sister before meeting and falling for Savannah but, understandably, she’s not keen to date her sister’s ex. But they do become friends and begin to fall for each other. I guess I just don’t understand why Owen didn’t make a move during this time. When they do finally get together, Owen comes across as quite alpha but that was somewhat lacking at the beginning.

Owen is voiced by Jason Clarke who is always good to listen to. He has the necessary gravitas in his voice to voice Owen exactly like I would hope. He also does a good female variation.

Savannah and Owen had okay chemistry and the story definitely picked up once they were together. There were a few sex scenes and while descriptive, they didn’t get my motor running much. Or at all.

After our couple got together and figured out their problems, I felt then that the author realised she didn’t have enough words for a full book. I know, let’s put in a pointless aside about colourblindness that absolutely nobody had talked about up until then. It felt awkward and I have no clue why it was added in. Add to that, the way it was ‘found out’ made zero sense. The whole thing made zero sense.

I do have to give a shout out to Pablo – the crazy cat that was a good source of humour, especially in his bromance with Owen in the second half of the book. I also enjoyed Gage and Lizzie who I’ve since realised are the couple from Tempt Me With Forever. Gage is Owen’s twin so it’s likely Owen popped up in that book before getting his own story.

Sadly, this story just didn’t work for me. Savannah didn’t click with me and while Owen wasn’t hard to like, he just didn’t set my world on fire. The story was confusing and at times, well, irritating. Having said all I’ve said, the writing was still engaging and I do want to read more of Maria Luis’s contemporary romances. Not the one for me but I hope that if you do read it, you’ll love it where I didn’t. Only 3 stars.

3 stars

* I received this audiobook in exchange for my honest review *

Maria is a big fan of books, nature, dogs, and pretty things – not always in that order, though.

By day, Maria is a historian who specializes in 19th century New Orleans and 14th century London. What do the two eras have in common? Not much, except for disease, scandal, and crime – Maria’s favorite historical topics. (For real, if you want to talk any of the above, just reach out!)

When not digging through the archives, Maria writes romances about strong men and the sassy women who sweep them off their feet.

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