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Bad Boys Next Exit Anthology by Shannon McKenna, Donna Kauffman & E.C. Sheedy

Take Everything by Shannon McKenna
All Jane Duvall wants is to bag another big account for her headhunting firm, even if it means stealing a key employee from sexy hotel CEO Michael “Mac” MacNamara. But once Mac gets a good look at the luscious, elusive Jane, he’s more than willing to let her take everything … body, heart and soul.

Exposed by Donna Kauffman
Christmas Eve and two strangers on a train stranded in a blizzard–well, Austin Morgan and Delilah Hudson couldn’t have picked a less likely place to experience passion and love.

Pure Ginger by E. C. Sheedy
Ginger Cameron has wasted too much time on the hey-baby, great-sex, see-ya kind of guy–and her PR business is suffering. From now on, she’s a beige woman, a serious woman, and a woman who sleeps alone. Enter Cal Beaumann who wants to hire Ginger. But when his male radar kicks in, he bets himself there’s more to Ginger than coiled hair, orthopedic shoes-and industrial strength underwear.

Title:Bad Boys Next Exit:
Take Everything
Pure Ginger
Author:Shannon McKenna
Donna Kauffman
E.C. Sheedy
Category / Genre(s):Anthology
Trope(s):Insta Love
Christmas Romance
Ugly Duckling
Point of View:
Release Date:1st April, 2004
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What a waste…

Meltdown by Shannon McKenna

Jane Duvall is a great headhunter and she’s determined to snag her next client even if it means stealing him away from hotel CEO, Michael “Mac” Mcnamara. Mac plans to find out what Jane’s really up to even if that means he has to seduce it out of her.

This story started of well but pretty soon turned into absolute trash. Mac was such a bully that it was uncomfortable to read. I like an alpha male as much as the next girl but Mac’s treatment of Jane was emotionally abusive and I was horrified that anyone would class this as romance. Dreadful.

Exposed by Donna Kauffman

All Delilah Hudson wants is to get home for Christmas – too bad she’s stranded on a train in the middle of a blizzard. As soon as photographer, Austin Morgan, spies Delilah he’s interested in capturing her in more than just a shot. Perhaps they can heat up the holidays together.

This was a fairly bland story with characters I didn’t empathise with, identify with or particularly care for. The sex within five minutes of meeting each other seemed seedy rather than sexy and the thought of a stranger taking naked pictures of me gave me the creeps rather than turned me on!

Pure Ginger by E.C. Sheedy

Ginger Cameron is fed up with being judged solely on her looks. So she decides to change her look to something a little more dowdy. Cal Beaumann needs to hire Ginger to do PR work but he doesn’t believe that this girl is as straight laced as she appears. So he sets out to uncover her secrets one by one.

Easily the best story of this anthology, I still couldn’t identify much with Ginger. It was all a bit ridiculous and the silly conflict at the end of the story was a bit high school for my tastes. The best, but still not so great.

This book has been sitting on my shelf for years waiting to be read. I’m actually beginning to wish I’d left it there to gather dust because I really didn’t enjoy it. I’ve previously read other books in the ‘Bad Boys’ series – and by these authors – and enjoyed them, so this book was a little bit of a waste. There are much (much) better romantic anthologies out there and I would recommend you give this one a miss and try one of them. 2 stars and the extra star is only for E.C. Sheedy’s tale which wasn’t too bad.

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