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Review: Regret & Redemption by Sabrina Wagner

It was a one-night stand…sort of.

I’d never done the one-night stand thing before, but for once I broke my own rules. I threw caution to the wind and followed him home from the bar like a lost puppy. The two martinis I drank didn’t hurt either. I wanted to forget for one night. Forget my responsibilities as a single mom. I wanted to live life on the edge and explore the little bit of wild that existed inside me.
Chase made me feel beautiful and desired. The words he whispered in my ear were downright filthy and the way he touched me was exquisite.
Chase was sweet and funny and good-looking. There were possibilities.
But when our tryst ended abruptly in disappointment, I tucked my tail between my legs, and returned to my carefully planned life.
Women like me didn’t get to have men like him.
I thought I’d never see the sexy tattoo artist again, so when I found him talking to my six-year-old daughter, my heart dropped to the floor.


I’d never been able to say no to gorgeous women. No strings and no commitments. Casual sex kept me happy. My heart had nothing to do with it.
Once upon a time, I was in a serious, committed relationship. Until I messed it up. Since then, I continued with the revolving door of God’s most beautiful creatures.
And I’d been satisfied until an almost one-night stand had me wanting more.
Maggie was witty and smart and unbelievably sexy. We hadn’t even gotten down to the dirty deed before she ran off in a flurry.
She had a kid and there was no way I was ready for that. I barely functioned as an adult as it was and had no business being with a woman who had a daughter.
But Maggie was completely unforgettable. I couldn’t get the fiery redhead out of my mind.
So, when a chance encounter brought us back together, I knew I needed another taste. Maybe it was just the Thrill of the Chase or maybe it was more.
One thing was for sure… we had unfinished business.

Title:Regret & Redemption
Author:Sabrina Wagner
Series:Forever Inked (Book 4)
Category / Genre(s):Contemporary
Trope(s):Opposites Attract
Single Parent Romance
Point of View:
Release Date:13th April, 2021
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The whole package

This is the first Sabrina Wagner book that I’ve read yet it’s the fourth book in her Forever Inked series, all set around a tattoo parlour and the people that work there. This book stands alone nicely and the author did a great job of making sure new-to-her readers aren’t confused by the other couples that pop up in this book, rather making you want to go back and read their stories, too.

This story is about Chase and Maggie a couple who, on the surface, seem like complete opposites. But that doesn’t stop their instant attraction and we first meet the pair as they get hot and heavy in what they both hope will be, at the very least, a one-night stand.

Maggie is a likeable and relatable character that I fell for immediately. She’s got a nice balance of insecurity and sass and I loved the way she came into her own when with Chase. She’s also a great mum and I loved the bond she had with Ella.

And speaking of Ella – I’m never overly enamoured with children in, well, anywhere really, but Ella really was a delight. She was funny and cute but some of her one-liners were absolute perfection.

“…wonderfully engaging and I was engrossed from beginning to end…”

It took me a while longer to warm up to Chase even if he was deliciously hot. (Extra points, too, that the cover models were Chase and Maggie down to a T.) Chase is, as he likes to tell it, not discriminating when it comes to the ladies. Not discriminating at all. But as the story moves on we learn that part of this is a defence mechanism from his past, and part is simply because he hasn’t met the right woman yet. Once he and Maggie get together, Chase becomes the sweet, caring and sexy hero we all want to have. Oh, and he’s a dirty talker, too!

Which leads us onto the sex of which there is a good amount in this book. It’s hella hot, too. And so deliciously satisfying for all involved. It really showed Maggie and Chase’s chemistry and their emotion and love for each other. As I said, very satisfying!

The writing was wonderfully engaging and I was engrossed from beginning to end of the story. There was lots going on and lots of different elements to the story and yet it was all cleverly interwoven and I was never confused. I did laugh out loud on occasion and did feel myself well up a few times, too. But the biggest sign of how much I enjoyed this story was the head tilt coupled with the ‘awwww’ that I let out at the end of the book. And there were two – yes, two – epilogues. Sabrina Wagner must be a girl after my own epilogue-loving heart.

A word of warning for other readers – we see both Chase and Maggie with another sexual partner after they’ve met (but not slept with) each other. I’m never overly fond of this happening in romance and while it didn’t affect my rating of the book, I do know that for some readers this is a hard no.

For me, this book was the whole package. It had great characters that you like and root for; an interesting storyline with enough drama to keep you entertained; it has sex; it has humour; and it has a romance story that will leave you with a smile on your face. This is my first Sabrina Wagner story but it definitely won’t be my last. Definitely a 5 star read for me.

Sabrina Wagner lives in Sterling Heights, Michigan. She writes sweet, sassy, sexy romance novels featuring alpha males and the strong women who challenge them. Her books include The Hearts Series and the spin-off, Forever Inked Novels.

Sabrina believes that true friends should be treasured, a woman’s strength is forged by the fire of affliction, and that everyone deserves a happily ever after. She enjoys spending time with her family, walking on the beach, worshiping the sun and of course, reading. Sabrina is a hopeless romantic and knows all too well that life is full of twists and turns, but the bumpy road is what leads to our true destination.

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