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Review: The Billionaire’s Cinderella by Ava Ryan

It only took one night with her to make me reconsider everything I thought I wanted.

Marriage and relationships aren’t for me.

I have no desire to revisit my failures. Now I work hard and play hard–period.

Until suddenly there she is. Sexy. Unexpected. Sweet. Unforgettable. 

One unprecedented night with her only whets my appetite for more.

She’s been burned before, which makes her suspicious of me. Doesn’t think she’s good enough, that I’d prefer someone more… society.

If only she knew how uninterested I am in other women since I first laid eyes on her.

And I hope she never knows the things I think about when I look at her now.

Fairy tales endings are meant for children’s books. I know that. 

But I write my own stories….

Title:The Billionaire’s Cinderella
Author:Ava Ryan
Series:Fairytale Billionaire Series (Book 3)
Trope(s):Billionaire Romance
One Night Stand
Point of View:
Release Date:22nd October, 2020
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A great end to the series

This is the third (and presumably last) book in the Fairy Tale Billionaires series, three standalone books about three billionaire brothers and the women they fall for. However, I would like to add my name to the list requesting that we get Ella’s brother, Liam’s story in the future!

Ryker is by far the mellowest of the three Black brothers – but he’s definitely still got the same traits as his brothers. He’s still alpha, arrogant, cocky, gorgeous and once he sets his sights on his woman – he’s a goner! Ryker is also sweet, kind and so attentive to Ella, not wanting to push her more than she’s ready for.

And Ella definitely has some issues from her past that make her more than a little wary about relationships in general, and relationships with rich men even more than that. I could understand her reluctance, and her trust issues, but she sometimes crossed the line into irritating on occasion. She gave Ryker such a hard time based on her hang-ups when the poor man hadn’t done anything wrong. At times I felt a wee bit sorry for the poor guy – especially when he adored Elle so much.

“[Ryker is] alpha, arrogant, cocky, gorgeous and once he sets his sights on his woman – he’s a goner!”

Other than the times they were at odds, I enjoyed Ryker and Ella’s relationship. Their banter was cute and the sex was smoking hot. I whizzed through the book, too. The story and Ms Ryan’s writing, as always, keeping me entertained and engrossed from the first page to the last. I wasn’t all that happy about the jump in time to 1 year later – but I lived with it by pretending it wasn’t such a long time frame!

It was also nice to get some cameos from people from earlier in the series – mostly Bellamy and Griffin, although Carly and Damon also pop up towards the end. I love the brothers’ banter with each other and seeing them all mellow and in love!

As all three books in this series take place at the same time – each brother meets his significant other on the same night – we do get some crossover with the last book. It was fun to see a scene from The Billionaire’s Beauty from a different perspective. But fear not, you don’t have to read any of the other books in the series to understand and enjoy this one. But you should – because they’re all great!

Ava Ryan has been a great find and this book really lived up to her previous books and my estimations. Whether you’re following the series or not, I would give this book 4 stars and recommend it.

Ava Ryan is an author of sexy contemporary romance. Her favorite things, in no special order, are animals, her family, cookies, people with great senses of humor and love stories.

Currently in her writer’s cave (ostensibly working hard on her next book while also checking Netflix every few hours to make sure she hasn’t missed a new true crime documentary show), she loves hearing from readers via her website or social media.

If you love billionaire alpha males, the feisty women who snag their hearts and books that end with a happily ever after, you’ve come to the right place.

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