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10 Romance Reader Mugs You Need In Your Life

I am a sucker for a cute mug. And if it’s a mug that also shows my love for one of my hobbies then I’m all in. It’s a good job I don’t have a husband because he’d divorce the hell outta me for the amount of money I drop on mugs.

And I’m not even sorry!

So if you’re a romance reader – or are searching for a gift for a romance reader – then start with this list of 10 fun and cheerful mugs that will look AMAZING on your shelf!

Words & Kisses Bookshelf Mug

As the crew from Words & Kisses say… the only thing better than a book? A book and a brew! 

The Words & Kisses Bookshelf Mug features 17 recent contemporary romance faves including Kennedy Ryan, Tessa Bailey, Christina Lauren and many more. I snapped this bad boy up the second I saw it!

£8.99 from Words & Kisses

Delivers internationally

Rakes & Rogues Mug

This is another mug that takes pride of place on my bookshelf. Available in a range of colours, match your kitchen (or your outfit) showing your love for all kinds of historical romance heroes thanks to Sarah MacLean.

$20.00 from Jordandené

Delivers internationally

Unapologetic Romance Reader

Is there any other kind?

There bloody well shouldn’t be.

Starts at $10.19 from Society 6.

Delivers internationally

Read Romance

This is such a cute mug – pink and flowery while still looking strong and fierce. Love it!

Starts at £17.99 from Van Sulley Inc at Etsy.

Delivers internationally

The One With All The Happy Endings

Want a mug that shows you’re a die-hard romance reader AND a fan of Friends? Then this is the mug for you. Available in 3 colours.

Starts at £11.80 from Kiss And Let Me Tell You on Etsy.

Delivers internationally

Office Romance Trope Mug

If Office Romance is your trope of choice then you MUST have this mug in your collection. It’s filled with lots of cute cartoons that’ll make you think of your favourite romance as you sip. Mafia Romance mug also available.

£11.79 from Big Book Lover Shop on Etsy.

Delivers internationally


I’m still not 100% sold on HFN – but this mug will definitely start a conversation with your fellow romance readers. And if people don’t know what it means – you don’t need to speak to them!

£10.09 from BookSpry on Tee Public

Delivers internationally

I Like My Coffee…

Oh – it features a clinch! A bare chested, heaving bosom clinch.

Why don’t I have this mug yet? This is article is just turning into my own personal wishlist!

£11.80 from Fugly Barbie at Etsy

Delivers internationally

I Read Kissing Books

Drink your coffee with pride as you show off your love of the kissing in kissing books. Too cute!

£14.14 from Zazzle

Delivers internationally

Romance Novels Are My Therapy

If romance novels keep you calm and happy – then read on, my friend. Or just use this mug to drink your coffee when you go to therapy! It’s all good!

£17.66 from Jaygo at Redbubble.

Delivers internationally

* All prices correct at time of posting (November, 2020).
* I’ve made every effort to ensure all links are relevant, correct and up-to-date, however I cannot take responsibility for pages maintained by external providers.

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