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15 Funny & Bookish Some E-Cards

There’s something about Some E-Cards that always make me chuckle. Here, I’ve pulled together 15 funny and bookish examples to brighten your day.

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Goodness! Imagine how fit I would be!

It didn’t occur to me to be concerned about this. Now I am!

Books or chocolate and I’m yours for life!

100% true.

I’m honestly not sure how people cope with reality with reading books, either!

And don’t sleep with them, either!

And frankly, we do not need a cure for books!

To be fair, sometimes I do this even if I haven’t just added a new book!

Or lack thereof!

Or maybe just my Kindle!

Nope. Not a bad thing. At. All.

Only it’s not irrational!

And the added bonus is that you don’t have to go to social situations!

Yep. Just throw some chocolate at me and leave me alone.

Sigh. My book boyfriends are so sexy!

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