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15 More Funny & Bookish Some E-Cards

Some E-Cards are always good for a laugh – even better if they’re about books and reading. Here are another 15 funny and bookish Some E-Cards for your amusement and pleasure.

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The newest online dating craze – post a pic of yourself and one of your bookshelves.

This. This is why I NEED epilogues!

And the ‘stuff to do’ is usually ‘more reading’.

Story of my life!

Today’s work can wait: Time to read!

Do you have ten-thousand a year, by chance?

What do people who don’t read books do with their time?


Or chocolate.

Yep. It should be on the curriculum!

Not a lie, either.

Smart and sassy!

Because book boyfriends don’t exist in real life. Sadly.

You look gorgeous. Buy books with the money.


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