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10 Romance Authors to Follow on Instagram

Instagram and the bookstagram community is one of my favourite social media places to hang out.

It’s delightfully fun, everyone’s super supportive and there’s a great mixture of funny, sexy and bookish content.

Just for fun, I pulled together 10 romance authors that I think you should follow on Instagram.

BB McNeil

The author of Just One Kiss, BB McNeil is my go-to girl on Insta when I need a pick-me-up or when I just need a good laugh. She posts the funniest memes, cartoons, sayings – whatever tickles your funny bone, she’s got the feather.

Teri Wilson

Teri Wilson is the author of over 100 books. She has a major weakness for cute animals, pretty dresses and Audrey Hepburn films, and she loves following the British royal family. Her instagram embodies her personality, consisting of her books, the Hallmark Movies made from said books, and her adorable, adorable little King Charles puppy.

Amy Andrews

Amy is one of my favourite authors and she brings the whole Ozzie dream to us with her feed. She posts delicious foods, gorgeous selfies (as part of her 365 days of 50 challenge) and disgustingly amazing views, usually coupled with a glass of vino. Oh, and her books, too!

Tory Baker

If you enjoy Tory Baker’s fast and dirty insta love stories, her Insta feed is everything you find in her books. It’s sweet enough to cause tooth ache with a heavy sprinkling of gorgeous girls and strong, ripped abs. Give her a follow.

Sasha Summers

Sasha Summers writes contemporary and paranormal romance – everyone gets their happily ever after with Sasha. If you like hot men, cute dogs, funnies and hot men holding cute dogs then this is the Insta feed for you!

Julia London

Julia London is the New York Times and USA Today best selling author of more than two dozen romantic fiction novels. Julia’s feed is a great mix of upbeat quotes, her award winning books, funnies and insights into her life. It’s a fun and positive feed that always gives you something different to look at.

Kate Kisset

If you’re looking for an Instagram feed that is like a sweet, warm hug then look no further than USA Today Bestselling Author, Kate Kisset. Gorgeous golds, pinks and warm hues, her feed is filled with kisses, kittens, flowers and scenes. This girl knows how to co-ordinate a gorgeous feed. Other romance authors take note!

Lucy Score

Lucy is #1 Amazon Kindle store and Wall Street Journal bestselling romance novelist – and the cool, relaxed chick that we all aspire to be. Her feed is filled with her kickass selfies (often in cool t-shirts), shots of books from her and her friends, booze and a smattering of uplifting posts. All are imbibed with her fantastic sense of humour! Give her a follow.

Jill Shalvis

Jill Shalvis has always been a go-to author for me. Her instagram feed isn’t as active as some others, but she posts an honest insight into her life in the mountains aka my dream life! There’s her dogs, her family, vistas, books and, lately, a bambino. If you like Jill Shalvis’s writing then you’ll love her Instagram.

J Sterling

Author J Sterling is a New York Times bestselling author of multiple contemporary and new adult romance books. Her current series, The Boys of Baseball, features on her feed alsongside funnies that make me laugh out loud, selfies, family pics, and cute and funny memes. Her feed is always something different and well worth a follow.

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