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Review: A Tycoon’s Rush by Avery Laval

She heads to the Italian mountains to bring an Olympic hero back home. But will she lose her heart instead?

Natalie Schaffer has accepted that she’ll always be an assistant at her sports agency. That’s okay—her dream job is her outdoor photography, not the wheeling and dealing of agency life. But she jumps at the chance to take an endorsement deal to the reclusive Olympic champion Charlie Ahlers, who stepped off the gold medal podium and disappeared from public eye. Natalie never crushes on her agency’s clients, but Charlie holds a special place in her heart—from a distance, of course.

Charlie Ahlers is perfectly happy hiding out as a nobody in sleepy European ski towns. He knows he’s supposed to capitalize on his Olympic victory and train for the next Games. But, for reasons that are his own, his heart isn’t in it. When the sexy American girl prances into his bar and slaps a contract down next to his glass of scotch, he can’t believe she’s an agency rep. He hasn’t found a girl so interesting in months. When she dares him to take her out on the slopes, he can’t tell her no. When skiing turns into dinner—and more—he realizes he might be in bigger trouble than he thought.

With Natalie’s agency job on the line, and Charlie’s secrets holding him back, will they be able to let go of their fears and find hope—and happiness—together?

Title:A Tycoon’s Rush
Author:Avery Laval
Series:Sin City Tycoons (Book 2)
Category / Genre(s):Contemporary
Trope(s):Sports Romance (Skiing)
Point of View:
Location:Europe & US
Release Date:22nd July, 2018

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Sharp, sassy and fun

Where has this author been and why is this only her second book?

From the very first, I got pulled into this tale. You know writing is good when it flows so well that you forget you’re reading and just fall right into the story. And that’s what happened here for me.

I immediately felt a kinship with Natalie – a sports agent’s assistant who has dreams of a career in photography. While she was definitely a little downtrodden by her boss, she never felt like a pushover and came across as a normal girl who had a feisty side – especially when it came to Charlie Ahlers.

Charlie was a little bit of a dream. A ski God in truth. When we (and Natalie) first encounter him he’s scruffy, grumpy and a little bit of a player. But as we get to know him and his back story, his motivations, he only gets better. Except for the player bit – obviously that is in his past once he sees Natalie! I loved him from the first and just adored him with Natalie. The banter! It was funny, fresh with just a little bit of sass. I do so love some good banter.

And I also love some fun, sexy times of which there were a couple. Satisfying and descriptive without being overly graphic or raunchy. Just what was needed for this story and perfect for the evolving story of Charlie and Natalie.

“It was funny, fresh with just a little bit of sass.”

Gah – I just wanted this book to be longer! I wanted to spend more time with Natalie and Charlie and learn more about their relationship as it grows. I want to know more about what happens next with the Olympics and Charlie’s family! None of these are criticisms, by the way. Everything is rounded off nicely in the book it’s just I’m greedy and wanted more. But extra points for the adorable epilogue. Very cute!

It’s also worth noting that due to a teaser for the first book in the series (A Tycoon’s Jewel) at the end of this one, the story finishes at about 60% of the file – on a Kindle, I mean!

As I mentioned, this is the second book in the Sin City Tycoon series. Neither character from the first book appears in this one although, having not read the first book (something I plan to remedy very soon!), I don’t know if either Charlie or Natalie turn up in that one. Regardless, this book stands completely alone.

Also, while Natalie lives and is based in Vegas – that’s really the only connection with Sin City in this particular story. I don’t really understand the title’s connection to the story, either, as this isn’t really a billionaire romance – although I’m sure Charlie has some money squirrelled away from his glory days! Not to worry, though, that doesn’t change my feelings towards Natalie, Charlie or their love story as a whole.

This book gets 5 stars from me and a high recommendation to check it out if you love sexy, fun and sparkling contemporary romance. I loved it and I hope you will, too. Ms. Laval has a new fan in me.

Avery writes romantic fiction for Blue Crow Books. Her SIN CITY TYCOONS series includes A Tycoon’s Jewel, A Tycoon’s Rush, A Tycoon’s Secret and A Tycoon’s Bargain.

Avery lives in the midwest and teaches creative writing when she’s not writing novels. She loves reading big stories and hanging out with small groups of friends.

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