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His Little Black Book by Heather MacAllister

1 wrong text message + 1 impending hurricane = 1 sexy surprise for 3 couples!

Text and the Single Girl

Sophie Callahan is angling to move up the corporate ladder…and attending a client party is her ticket. But she doesn’t count on being trapped by the hurricane with sexy entrepreneur Adrian Dean. Suddenly, “riding out the storm” sounds like a very good idea…

Text Appeal

When Mia Weiss skids off the road en route to the party, hottie Kevin Powell comes to her rescue. Only he’s not her ideal savior. He’s abrupt, a little grouchy…and, oh yeah, the best lover Mia’s ever had!

Safe Text

Being the assistant to a demanding boss is running Cammy Phillips ragged. But Gil Shaughnessy, Cammy’s former partner, has the perfect cure in mind…and it involves getting Cammy more deliciously worked up than the hurricane raging outside!

Title:His Little Black Book:
Text and the Single Girl
Text Appeal
Safe Text
Author:Heather MacAllister
Category / Genre(s):Harlequin / Mills & Boon (Blaze)
Trope(s):Close / Forced Proximity
Opposites Attract
Second Chance Romance
Point of View:
Release Date:23rd February, 2010
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Frustratingly bland short stories

Text and the Single Girl

Junior copywriter Sophie Callahan is determined to move on up the corporate ladder so when she gets a text to attend a private party with the creative director of the ad agency she sees it as her great chance. But when she gets to the beach house she finds the party only consists of client Adrian Dean – what will they do to pass time when a hurricane strikes?

Neither Sophie or Adrian were particularly likeable characters – Sophie because she was too grasping and Adrian because he felt too weak. With that the story fell flat and I didn’t believe that the pair would ever have a happy ever after.

Text Appeal

On her way to the beach house party, Mia Weiss skids off the road in the hurricane only to be rescued by hottie, Kevin Powell. Mia has always been smart in love but Kevin makes her want to throw all her resolutions out the window and just wait out the storm in his bed.

This was a fair enough story but it wasn’t particularly exciting and it was obvious that Kevin and Mia’s attraction was purely physical for the vast majority of the story which is not great when you’re reading a romance.

Safe Text

Being assistant to a demanding boss is running Cammy ragged especially since she’s infatuated with him. But Gil, Cammy’s former partner has the perfect cure in mind and it involved changing her mind about the right man for her while the storm rages outside.

While being the best of the three stories, this one was let down as Cammy had given up three years of her life and a promising career due to her ‘love’ of her boss. Gil deserved a better woman.

For all the stories I didn’t like the fact that all the women were so hung up on or obsessed with Jonathon – the boss of the agency and the man who sent the original text. I know that without that fact the stories wouldn’t make sense but who can root for women who are so pathetic and delusional? Unfortunately this anthology is only worth 3 stars and even then I think I’m being quite generous.

USA Today bestselling author Heather MacAllister is a former music teacher who attracted her high school sweetheart and future husband by following the instructions in How to Get a Teen-Age Boy, and What to Do with Him When You Get Him by Ellen Peck. Ellen’s advice was to show an interest in his hobby, which was ham radio. This lead to a bet—if Heather learned Morse code and passed the license exam, he would take her to the senior prom. Thus motivated, she passed the test and the license arrived in the mail the same day as the prom.

Heather became addicted to romance novels in college yet still managed to graduate and become a music teacher. She might still be teaching strings and class piano except nine of her son’s baby-sitters quit in seven months. Taking pity on what was left of the childcare industry, she gave up teaching with the idea that she’d write during her son’s nap time. It was either that or housework. After several years and another son, she sold her first book to Harlequin Romance. Since then, her nearly fifty books have been published in twenty-six languages. She’s a three-time RWA RITA® award finalist and the recipient of several awards from RT Book Reviews, but is most proud of the notes from readers saying her stories made them laugh.

When she’s not writing, Heather collects vintage costume jewelry, enjoys watching fireworks, and kills plants. She still avoids housework even though she thinks up her best plots while vacuuming.

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