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Blog Tour & Review: A Bridal Party to Remember: A Destination Wedding Anthology

There’s something about weddings…

Love is in the air at this destination wedding, and Cupid’s arrow is pointed at the bridal party!

Hit the beach with eight of your favorite romance authors as they introduce you to A Bridal Party to Remember. This collection includes all new stories that are so hot, you’ll need a dip in the ocean to cool off.

Title:A Bridal Party to Remember: A Destination Wedding Anthology
Author:Elle Christensen
Fiona Davenport
Hope Ford
Frankie Love
Bella Matthews
Hannah McBride
Kaci Rose
C.M. Steele
Category / Genre(s):Contemporary
Trope(s):Wedding Romance
Various – see individual stories below
Point of View:Various – see individual stories below
Location:Key West, Florida, USA
Release Date:14th June, 2022
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Dirty fun in the sun

4 stars

I’m a bit of a sucker for sticky sweet and sexy insta-love stories so this anthology sounded perfect. Even better, it’s set in Key West at the destination wedding of Avery and Gabe whose own story is currently available as a free prequel. There’s no need to have read it before reading these stories, though.

From there we get to hear the stories of the friends and relatives of the happy couple as they too find their happily ever afters in the Florida heat.

While each story is different, all are filthy hot, super sweet and come with a delicious happily ever after. We get some obsessive heroes, friends who become lovers, a stepbrother romance, a few age gap romances, some curvy girls, a cowboy and so much more. It’s basically a book smörgåsbord of tropes.

We get a small introduction and ending by Elle Christensen and the rest of the stories are as follows:

Brielle and Lennox – Fiona Davenport

Trope(s): Age Gap (M40s / F26), Curvy Girl, Virgin, Insta-Love

POV: First person, past tense – dual viewpoint

This is very much an insta-love story where our hero sees his woman for the first time and goes completely obsessive caveman. It was a brilliant way to kick off this anthology. It was smokin’ hot and I adored both Brie and Lennox. Wonderful.

Emma and Rhys – Elle Christensen

Trope(s): Step-brother/sister, enemies-to-lovers

POV: First person, past tense – dual viewpoint

I am partial to a little step-sibling romance and the fact that these two were also opposites, constantly at each other’s throats, made it so much better for me. There was delicious tension and hot sex but I was annoyed at Rhys for even thinking the thoughts that caused the couple’s temporary argument. A few editing mistakes irked.

Ruby and Austin – Hope Ford

Trope(s): Age Gap (M35 / F25), Second Chance, Cowboy

POV: First person, present tense – dual viewpoint

This story was quite weak off the back of the first two. Austin wasn’t really part of the wedding party which automatically set them apart from the other goings-on. The reasons for their separation felt flimsy and both talked of only being smitten for the 7 years they’d not seen each other and nothing before – which is probably because before that, Ruby was a minor. It was also surprisingly tepid compared to the first two stories and those I’ve read of Hope Ford before.

Miles and Sadie – Hannah McBride

Trope(s): High school nemesis (sort of)

POV: First person, past tense – dual viewpoint

Miles and Sadie knew each other in high school but were never friends. Now he sees her again he realises his feelings have changed. This was just as hot as previous stories but perhaps a little more ‘realistic’ in terms of the timeline of things. The couple were super cute and I loved their romance. Don’t think I’ve read Hannah McBride before but I will definitely look out for more from her. A few more editing mistakes in this offering.

Rylee and Jase – Kaci Rose

Trope(s): Curvy Girl, Soldier Hero, Penpals, Age Gap (Hero is 11 years older)

POV: First person, present tense – dual viewpoint

This was a really cute story about a couple who have been penpals for 7 years. He’s been deployed in the military while she builds her photography business back home. They finally meet and the feelings they’ve built up in their letters spills to real life. It was nicely hot, sweet and bonus points for being the first story in this anthology to have an epilogue! Yay!

Hunter & Skylar – Bella Matthews

Trope(s): Best Friends to Lovers, Only One Bed, Fake Relationship

POV: First person, present tense – dual viewpoint

Another super cute story of best friends both wondering how to get out of the friend zone while fake dating each other for the wedding. Always nice to see a couple comfortable with each other from the outset yet still have that nice sizzle of chemistry. Even after knowing each other for years, the ending seemed a bit ‘wow’ but I didn’t sign up for this for the realism – I signed up for the swoons. And I got the swoons!

Lottie and Luke – Frankie Love

Trope(s): Mountain Man, Virgin, Age Gap (Older man)

POV: First person, present tense – dual viewpoint

Lottie is best friends with the bride and while she’s happy to be in the wedding, she’s even happier to finally see the bride’s Uncle Luke again. He’s the man she’s always fantasised about and since he’s finally dragged himself from his cabin in the woods, it’s time to make her move. This story was almost pure sex but it was hot and I was here for it. Full insta-love goodness, it did stop rather abruptly and I’m not sure if there should have been a chapter 10 or if that really was the end… Still hot though.

Caleb & Vivien – C.M. Steele

Trope(s): Co-workers, Fake Relationship, Double Virgins, One Bed

POV: First person, present tense – dual viewpoint

Caleb is Vivien’s boss and she hates him. She hates him even more now that he’s all but blackmailed her into being his date to the wedding. This story really didn’t work for me. The pace was frenetic and it felt like a mishmash of thoughts, feelings, conversations and actions. It felt very amateur and unbelievable in a way unconnected to the insta-love theme. I mean, who stops in the middle of sex to explain in great detail why they haven’t ever had sex before? Flat out no for this story, sadly.

If you like sweet and dirty tales taking place in a short space of time then you’ll definitely find something in this bunch to float your boat. A few editing issues don’t distract from what is a fun and cute anthology. 4 stars.

4 stars

* I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion

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