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Review: Daddy of my Dreams by Valerie Wilde

He’s everything I want…no…everything I NEED.

Now if only I can get him out of my head, and into my bed.

Clare has a major crush on her colleague and fellow manager, Gideon.

He’s everything she’s ever dreamed of.

But does he know she exists?

Maybe, just maybe dreams can come true…

Title:Daddy of my Dreams
Author:Valerie Wilde
Series:Wilde Nights
Category / Genre(s):Contemporary
Trope(s):Daddy / DDLG
Point of View:Third Person, Past Tense (Heroine POV only)
HEA:❌ (but it isn’t a cliffhanger)
Release Date:1st January 2019

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Short, sexy daddy daydream story

4 stars

This is a short and sexy story which definitely feels shorter than its stated 53 pages. It’s the first book I’ve read by Valerie Wilde and I’m definitely keen to read more from her.

Clare felt like a real person whose inappropriate crush on her co-worker was really starting to affect her life, work and probably her sanity. She does have some interaction with the object of her crush, Gideon, but since we only get Clare’s point of view, we’re just as confused as Clare is about his feelings for her. If any.

Clare’s fantasies escalate through the story and yet I was still surprised by the ‘twist’ at the end. It was still hot, especially if you like a bit of daddy kink. I felt there was a nice progression through the story and the writer held my interest from beginning to end.

“It is what it is… A short, sexy daddy daydream story…”

The writing was also well done although there were a number of changes in tense throughout the book which was jarring. Nothing that a good proofreader or editor couldn’t fix.

The ending of this story isn’t a HEA or even HFN but more of an optimistic feeling that Clare is ready to come out of her fantasy world and take her chances in the real world. Was I pissed that the book abruptly ended without any resolution between Clare and Gideon? Sure I was. But it worked with the style of the book – perhaps leaning more towards erotica than romance. And my feelings did show that the writer did her job. Had I not cared about her characters then I wouldn’t have cared that I didn’t get to see their real romance play out.

I definitely feel this book has been unfairly maligned and not deserving of its low star rating (on Goodreads). It’s quite clear from the title and cover what kind of book it is. And it is what it is. It was more of a 3.5 star read from me but I did enjoy it so rounded up. A short, sexy daddy daydream story – if that sounds like your bag, you might like it, too.

4 stars

Normal friend and neighbor by day, super-secret romance enthusiast by night!

Val’s hands are never far from the keyboard. She spends most of her evenings in front of a computer writing some of the wildest smut you can imagine.

She understands that sometimes you just need to spend some quality time with a glass of wine and a particularly steamy book, and she likes to write those books.

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