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Review: Fake Fiance by Cassie Mint

Fake Fiance Bombshell Brides Cassie Mint

The prince will announce his engagement at the ball tonight.

But it’s not his fiance on his arm–it’s me. Her twin sister.

Those two have been engaged for years, even though they’ve never met. Politics, right?

But the prince doesn’t know my sister’s wild ways. He doesn’t know she disappeared three days ago, last seen lip-locked with a scuba instructor, and he doesn’t realize he’s about to be humiliated.

So I step in. I pretend to be her at the ball. What’s the worst that can happen?

It’s not like anyone will suspect. Not like the prince will even know.

And if it’s the best night of my life… well. That doesn’t matter.

I still need to let him go.

Title:Fake Fiance
Author:Cassie Mint
Series:Bombshell Brides (Book 4)
Category / Genre(s):Contemporary
Trope(s):Insta Love
Royal Romance
Hidden / Mistaken Identity
Point of View:First Person, Present Tense, Dual Viewpoint (H & h)
Location:Caledithia (a fictional Kingdom)
Release Date:12th May, 2022
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A good insta-love story

4 stars

I enjoyed the last book in the Bombshell Brides series and this one sounded equally cute. It’s another insta-love romance but there is no connection in setting or characters to prior books in the series. So a standalone with its own sticky sweet HEA.

This time we get a modern-day fairytale when the sure and steady (but still ridiculously handsome) Prince Alden falls immediately in lust/love with his betrothed bride. Which would be awesome except that’s not his bride-to-be. It’s her twin sister.

Whenever a straight-laced hero goes off-piste when he meets a heroine and just wants to spend time with her – I get giddy. Alden was a good guy and I totally understood his confusion over the feelings between him and Bea – when she was pretending to be Olympia. While I got that he would be angry when he discovered the deception, I thought his reaction was a bit over the top and dramatic.

“…a modern-day fairytale.”

Bea was a likeable character, too, and I understood her dilemma. But now that I look back on it – why didn’t she just tell Alden that she was having to step in as Olympia until her twin arrived? She got more sassy once the deception was revealed which just made me think that Alden and Bea didn’t really know each other at all. I don’t want reality to intrude into my insta-love reads. And another thing – if this was a political alliance between neighbouring countries, why was Bea living in an apartment in Alden’s country? Hmmm.

Other than some handholding, close dancing and light touches – Bea and Alden don’t cross any lines during the deception. I think that was meant to ramp up the sexual tension but I actually think I would have preferred it if they had done something. It would have given Bea more reason to be upset and perhaps then I could have accepted Alden’s anger when he found out. When we get there, there’s enough heat to keep me happy – perfect for this type of story.

Despite what I’ve said – I did really enjoy this book. It was another quick read and I like Ms Mint’s writing style. She gets you into the scene in an easy and descriptive way and you don’t want to put the book down. There’s also a sprinkling of humour which is always fun in a cute and sexy short story like this one. I’ll be looking out for future books from Cassie Mint – she’s shaping up to be a favourite insta-love author. 4 stars.

4 stars

* I received this book in exchange for my honest review *

Cassie Mint – Romance Author & Daydreamer Extraordinaire

Cassie Mint is a romance author with her head firmly in the clouds.

She writes outrageous, OTT instalove with tons of sugar and steam!

Cassie loves growly, possessive alpha heroes who fall HARD for their heroines and will do anything for that HEA.

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