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Audiobook Review: Never Kiss a Stranger by Logan Chance 🎧

Ellis Atwood is the devil. Ok, maybe that’s too harsh. Ellis Atwood is ruining my life.
First, he demolishes a perfectly good wedding trellis.
Second, he destroys a gorgeous doggie wedding that I spent ages planning. (I kid you not.)
Third, he makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, and that is not ok. I prefer the cold and harsh way my fiancé makes me feel so much better. (wait, that didn’t come out right.)
Fourth, and there is a fourth, he gets me all wound up and flustered.
And last, when he unexpectedly kissed me it made me forget my own name, or the fact that I’m getting married…in a month.
Please someone help me out. I’m a mess. Worst part is, Ellis isn’t the bad guy I first thought he was. And being forced to spend time with him is making me realize that he needs my help more than anything.
So what’s a girl like me to do?

I’m only in town long enough to figure out a plan with my brother on how to save our brewery from the awfulness that is my father. Oh and be in a wedding.
Where I may or may not be crushing a little too hard on the bride-to-be. (spoiler alert, I’m crushing hard.) She’s really cute. Like seriously.
And she has the cutest job, she’s a dog wedding planner. (I kid you not.)
I can see why Henry loves her.
I can see why everyone loves her.
I can see why I’m falling for her.
I’m usually not a relationship-type guy. Call it picky or whatnot, but usually I get bored easily. So, my plan is simple. Spend as much time with Kiki (soon to be Faniki, I know) and hopefully get bored with her adorkable smile and sexy legs that go on for miles.
Then, I can save the brewery, be the best man of the wedding, and get my butt back to Atlanta and away from the happy couple.

Title:Never Kiss a Stranger
Author:Logan Chance
Narrator(s):Kae Marie Denino
Blake Stanton
Pages / Length:190 / 6hrs 26ms
Category / Genre(s):Contemporary
Trope(s):Friends to Lovers
Point of View:First Person, Present Tense, Dual Viewpoint (H&h)
Location:Florida, USA
Release Date:5th April, 2020
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Funny, steamy and sweet

This is my first ever Logan Chance novel as well as my first full-length audio book read.

I admit that I was interested to see whether a romance novel written by a man would hit all the same buttons for me as those written by woman. Probably not a very PC thought to have but there you are. Regardless, I can happily confirm that this book was equal to any romance I’d read before with the same heat, sweetness, romance and, as this is a romcom, humour.

In fact, this book had me full-on laughing out loud on many an occasion. Sometimes the humour was silly and sometimes it was smart – but I honestly laughed a lot throughout this book.

The writing was excellent and I was absorbed in the story almost from the first. There was never a lull in the pace of the story and I found myself thinking about it when I wasn’t listening – wondering when I could get back and listen to just a little bit more.

Kiki was a great character – equal parts neurotic perfectionist and fanciful dreamer. She was smart and capable but I loved her whimsy and eternal optimism. She was the perfect blend of everything you want a heroine to be.

“I really choose an excellent book to pop my audio cherry.”

Equally, Ellis was a fun character that I really rooted for. He was a really decent, nice guy but still stubborn, funny and strong. The way he was smitten with Kiki but trying to hold back was just delicious to read/hear. Hey – I don’t mind if my heroes suffer a wee bit on the way to true love.

Together, Kiki and Ellis made the perfect match. In a way, the fact that they were friends first made me believe in their love all the more once they took that next step. And boy did they take that next step. It was hot, steamy and listening to it made it all the more steamier. *Fans self*

For the audiobook, Kae Marie Denino voiced Kiki while Blake Stanton voiced the part of Ellis. Each read the chapters written from their own viewpoint and voiced all the characters during that chapter. Kae Marie Denino has a very excitable voice that sounds quite young, perky and a little higher pitched. It fitted Kiki for the most part although when she was voicing Kiki’s friends, I did get vibes of Bonnie Swanson from Family Guy with that high pitched breathiness.

Blake did a good job of voicing Ellis and I liked his portrayal. You could hear the distinction between the different people when they talked with each other and he was clear and easy to understand. I wasn’t keen on Urban – and I wasn’t sure if it was the flat voice Blake affected for him or because of the way he was written – but I wanted to like him as I’m assuming that he and Kiki’s best friends, will get books of their own. Here’s hoping, anyway!

I really choose an excellent book to pop my audio cherry. The narrators were engaging and read the material well, keeping me entertained to the last. But it was the story and the characters that really hit the spot for me. The book was sweet, romantic, hot and hella funny. Definitely 5 stars and I’ll be looking out for more from Logan Chance in the future.

Logan Chance is a USA Today and Top 20 Amazon Bestselling Author with a quick wit and penchant for the simple things in life: Star Wars, music, and smart girls who love to read. He was nominated best debut author for the Goodreads Choice Awards in 2016. His works can be classified as Dramedies (Drama+Comedies), featuring a ton of laughs and many swoon worthy, heartfelt moments.

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