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Audiobook Review: His Deadly Darling by MINK 🎧

Luke Knight thinks he can own me, can hurry me into a wedding and then into his bed. He seems to know everything about me. But he’s missed the most important point—I’m dastardly. But I like his estate and all his money, so I’ll bide my time. I don’t obsess over his good looks and the way he makes me feel. Not a bit. Once he’s dead, I’ll be more than happy to be the grieving widow … on a yacht … in the Seychelles … drenched in diamonds.

Cassandra truly believes I’m the bad guy in her world. She’s wrong. I can show her how much she means to me. It will take time and coaxing, but I’ll prove to her our love is deep and true. If she tries to knife me a few times along the way, what of it? After all, a spirited woman is exactly what I need, and Cassandra Carlisle was made for me.

(MINK’s note: His Deadly Darling is an instalove, steamy, dark romantic comedy with a HEA, perfect for reading with a kitty in your lap and a spiced coffee sitting next to you.)

Title:His Deadly Darling
Narrator(s):Mackenzie Cartwright
Lance Greenfield
Pages / Length:158 / 2hrs 52 mins
Category / Genre(s):Contemporary
Trope(s):Enemies to Lovers
Married Love
Point of View:First Person, Present Tense, Dual Viewpoint (H & h)
Narration Type:Dual
Release Date:9th January, 2020
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A fun and silly escape

4 stars

I tend to avoid books involving mafia tropes – just not my thing. I mean, how can I believe in an HEA when someone’s likely always going to be trying to kill our hero? I’m sure the life expectancy of a mob boss is fairly short. But I digress.

This audiobook was featured on the Read Me Romance podcast so I gave it a listen.

The book is about Luke who is presumably (although it’s only ever eluded to) some sort of mob boss. He owns mines, apparently. He’s ridiculously smitten with the daughter of another family, Cassandra, and pretty much purchases her as his bride.

But Cassandra isn’t the spoilt princess that we might expect. She doesn’t want to be married to Luke – she just wants to be free. So she decides to kill her new husband – if she could just stop kissing him!

So yes, this is a mafia-type trope – but with a huge dose of hilarious ridiculousness injected into it. I listened to this while out and about and found myself laughing out loud at the wit and clever silliness of this story.

“The chemistry between Cassandra and Luke is borderline filthy.”

Cassandra was slightly crazy and I loved that about her. Her internal monologues as she debates killing Luke just made me love her all the more. Luke is the archetypal alpha bad boy – well, he’s all man – who’s obsessed with his woman and wants to give her the world. The fact that she wants to kill him is just a cute quirk of her feisty personality, in his eyes!

The chemistry between Cassandra and Luke is borderline filthy. Not too over the top but definitely satisfying. I skipped the 1 anal sex scene but apart from that, was happy.

Mackenzie Cartwright is a great narrator for Cassandra. She’s concise and clear and conveys Cassandra’s personality without ever giving her a whiny edge. Lance Greenfield as Luke has the kind of voice that ears dream of. It’s so deep and gruff and manly. Perfect for Luke and, well, for reading anything and everything, ever.

This was a fun audiobook – a short little diversion into some humour, obsessions, killing and cats. Coming in a few minutes under 3 hours for the audiobook (158 pages for the book), definitely one you can fit in of an evening or afternoon. 4 stars.

Plus I have to add my voice to the ‘why the hell was Gordon Ramsey in this book?’ club. When I realised what was happening I rolled my eyes so hard I could see behind me. Horrible, horrible man. If I was to let Miss Kittles loose on anyone – it would be him! Anyway – I didn’t let it affect my rating.

4 stars

MINK writes sweet and salty romances that always satisfy with a happily ever after. Her dream job is Editor-in-Chief at Cat Fancy, and she can be found with a kitty in her lap, her Kindle in her hand, and a cup of coffee steaming next to her.

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