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Review: Stockings were Hung Anthology

Tis the season…to be naughty!

The gifts are wrapped, and under the tree, and all the holiday baking is done. Now it’s time for you to hang up your stockings and relax with a cup of hot cocoa and this steamy collection of holiday stories sure to tantalize your senses and set your holiday ablaze.

Stockings were Hung is a limited-time anthology!

Title:Stockings Were Hung
Category / Genre(s):Contemporary
Trope(s):Christmas Romance
Point of View:Various
Release Date:2nd November, 2021
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Some really good stories within

4 stars

This limited-time anthology is packed with 12 contemporary stories all set around Christmas and all deliciously steamy.

Each story stands alone and is a short, novella length. All are either a continuation of an earlier HEA, an HEA or a satisfying HFN.

Christmas 911 – Cara Cee

Kelly and Jarrod are set to spend Christmas together as a couple but Jarrod’s job as a cop, and memories of his and Kelly’s tragic pasts, put a spanner in their plans.
This book was well written but was so obviously part of a series – a series I have never read. That made me feel a disconnect with the characters and situations. I’ve later found out this is a sort of epilogue for Jarrod and Kelly’s main love story as told in The Art of Revenge. If you’ve read that book then you’ll love this story. To me, I didn’t feel it.

Accidental Girlfriend for Christmas – Rosie East

This Christmas tale is set in Britain (and thankfully written by a Brit) and features a man who needs a fake girlfriend to impress his work colleagues. So he hits up one of his fuck buddies who, while cavorting around town with him, he falls in love with her and vice versa. Sadly, Harry and Lou are juvenile and unlikeable and the copious sex felt a tad tawdry.

A Coincidental Christmas – Michelle Fernandez

Francesca awakens to find herself sharing her bed with the sexy one night stand from the Christmas party the evening before. When he sneaks out without a word she assumes she’ll never see him again. But her grandmother has other plans.
This story was adorable. The characters were well-rounded for such a short story and I really believed in the pair – especially with their delicious sexual chemistry. Wonderful.

Something More for Christmas – Kim Findlay

Penny accompanies her roommate Faith to visit Faith’s boyfriend for Christmas. Spending the holidays with a team of hockey players isn’t the worst thing in the world. Even better when she meets the quiet defence man, Taranis.
This was a really well done, new adult story between college senior, Penny, and semi-pro hockey player, Taranis. While it was an insta-spark, I really felt the connection and our couple made me smile. I’ll look out for other books by Kim Findlay.

All I Want for Christmas – Lyla Grace

Callie and Chase are celebrating their first Christmas together as a family along with their daughter, Emmy. But their plans are ruined when Chase has to suddenly leave town for a football game.
Callie and Chase had a full story in Lyla Grace’s Whatever It Takes and there are couples in here that are part of her Whatever series, but this story is a cute little standalone and it’s definitely inspired me to pop those books on my TBR list. Callie and Chase are HOT but their love for each other – and their daughter – is so lovely that I just adored this story.

Sleighing His Bells – Elizabeth Miller

Maggie is the queen of truth or dare… six years ago she dared Drew to stay in their small town…but the truth was he had to walk away. But now he’s back.
This story was pure, small-town Christmas complete with a sweet and sexy second chance romance. I enjoyed reading it and was satisfied with the way everything was resolved. Thumbs up from me.

A Christmas Distraction – A. S. Roberts

It’s coming up to Christmas and Brody and Amy are excited to spend it together. But first, Brody has one more gig to attend to so he keeps Amy entertained while he’s away by giving her a series of dares.
Much like other stories, this is a Christmas novella about a couple who have already had their happily ever after in a full length novel (Brody: Default Distraction). This was a very sexy story with each of Brody’s dares having something to do with sex. It was a lovely way to heat up a chilly evening and I’m definitely tempted to read more from this series even though rockstar romances aren’t usually my favourite.

The Christmas Surrender – Jade Royal

A call from his estranged wife sends Elijah off on a mission to see if his marriage can be saved. But mafia ties, a broken heart and a love triangle aren’t how you start to rebuild something that was meant to least. Is it strong enough to survive?
Mafia books are definitely not my thing but this was still well written and so, so hot. This book is part of the wider Savage King’s series.

Screwg’d – Willow Sanders

A grumpy radio DJ, Bear, is forced to endure Christmas cheer but things start to feel merrier when he bumps into Marley – who hates him on first sight.
This story just wasn’t my bag. It had a very 90s vibe – and not in a good way. And I can’t believe I’m actually saying this – loving swearing as much as I do – but practically every third word was a curse and it just read like a child trying to show that they’re grown up or cool.

Home for Christmas – Kate Stacy

Drake can’t make it home for Christmas and his wife, Hailee is upset. But she’s not the only one keeping secrets.
This is another story about a couple who had their HEA in an earlier story – in this case Long Road Home. It was a simple story but very effective and I loved reading about Drake and Hailee’s life. They had a great friendship, a hot chemistry and got up to some sexy shenanigans in this short story. Lovely times.

Our Christmas Surprise – S.L. Sterling

Ainsley and Spencer are well into their relationship and it’s time to take it to the next step. Which means telling Ainsley’s dad they’re together. Unfortunately Ainsley’s dad is also Spencer’s best friend.
I’m partial to a dirty little age-gap, dad’s best friend story and this one was that. But… Ainsley came across as a little too young and while it all worked out with her and Spencer, I didn’t hold out much hope for their future together. And Ainsley’s best friend Carly was a viscous cow but I was kind of hoping for a hook up between her and Ainsley’s dad! LOL!

Snowed In – Venessa Kimball writing as V. Angelika

Christmas is here and college student Allison is snowed in without heat or food in her apartment. Luckily, her assistant professor, Mason McKnight, lives in the same building and he’s more than happy to keep her warm.
This was a really enjoyable story and really well written. I liked our couple and they had a good connection and were super steamy.

There are some really good stories in this anthology and although there were some stories that didn’t work for me, the better ones outweigh the bad. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this book and I would recommend it for a very hot and sexy time.

Although Loni Ree’s name is included on an earlier cover for this anthology, there is no story included from her.

4 stars

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