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10 More Bookish Pin Badges to Show You’re A Book Lover

When looking for bookish pin badges, I found waaaay more than the 10 I originally shared.

So here are 10 more cute and bookish enamel pin badges to wear with pride.

Grab ’em while you can!

Books Before Boys Enamel Pin

Sure, boys are cute and all. But books are way better. Show them who’s boss with this adorable red love heart pin.

£7.00 from Punky Pins

Delivers internationally

Book Lover Enamel Pin

This pin not only shows that you’re a book lover but also feminine AF.

Paint your nails that colour, too. Just because you can!

£8.00 from Stacey McEvoy Caunt on Etsy

Delivers internationally

In Love with a Fictional Character Enamel Pin

No judgement here. Book boyfriends are better than real-life people any day.

£8.85 from Sweet and Lovely on Etsy

Delivers internationally

Love Heart Book Enamel Pin

I love this pin. It’s so simple but effective. The perfect way to show you love romance books.

£7.00 from Punky Pins

Delivers internationally

Book Life Twin Pins

Whether you love books, are a hipster – or both, then this pin duo is for you.

£11.04 from Amazon

Delivers internationally

Books and Tea Enamel Pin

Show that you love books and a cuppa with this cute linked enamel pin.

Use it to close your cardi or anywhere you like.

£12.15 / $15.99 (US) from Dust and Pages

Delivers internationally

I Like To Touch My Shelf Enamel Pin

Feel no shame – we all do it. Celebrate it with this colourful pin!

£5.96 from Pin Alchemy at Etsy

Delivers internationally

Book of Smut Enamel Pin

That’s right. I read smut and I’m proud! This pin is so shiny and super cute. Love it.

£9.54 from virgovvitch at Etsy

Delivers internationally

Pen Nib Lapel Pin

So maybe this isn’t an enamel pin like all the others – but who could resist this gorgeous, silver-coloured pen nib? Perfect for word lovers, writers and readers alike.

£4.50 from The Literary Gift Company

Delivers internationally

Love Books Enamel Pin

This Book Lover pin is so gosh-darned cute. It has a Penguin Book feel but with that sweet heart and bookmark. To die for.

$14.00 (AUD) from The Sunday Co.

Delivers internationally

* All prices correct at time of posting (November, 2020).
* I’ve made every effort to ensure all links are relevant, correct and up-to-date, however I cannot take responsibility for pages maintained by external providers.

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