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10 Bookish Pin Badges to Show You’re A Book Lover

Who doesn’t love a cute pin badge?

And since you’re here – you obviously love books.

So take a look at these 10 cute enamel pin badges and show your love of books for all to see!

Bookish Pin

Our first pin just has to be one that puts it right out there. Be bookish and proud, people!

£4.99 from The Literary Gift Company

Delivers internationally

Happily Ever After Enamel Pin

Nothing says romance to me like ‘Happily Ever After’ and this cute pin shouts to the world that you’re a romance lover. Too cute!

£7.99 from Words & Kisses

Delivers internationally

Books are Magic Enamel Pin

We all know this to be true – but this is also the perfect badge if your reading tends towards the mystical!

$8.00 / £6.05 from Bookish Gifts

Delivers internationally

Typewriter Pin

This cute retro typewriter pin is perfect if you write books as well as read them. Or you just love all things old school.

£10.19 from Etsy

Delivers internationally

Pride And Prejudice Enamel Pin

The ultimate enemies to lovers story – how can you resist this adorable Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice pin?

£10.99 from The Literary Gift Company

Delivers internationally

I Like Big Books Enamel Pin

Do you know why I like people who wear this pin? Because they cannot lie. LOL! Sorry, not sorry!

$10.00 from Rather Keen

Delivers internationally

Books are my Happy Place Pin

How true is this bookish pin? And you get a choice of four colours to show people you’re a book lover!

£8.62 from IceyDesigns at Etsy

Delivers internationally

Tea & Books Enamel Pin

Not only is this pin gorgeously designed – but it’s pink, too. I’m in bookish pin heaven!

£7.50 from JellyButtonUK at Etsy

Delivers internationally

Book Nerd Enamel Pin

Fly your book nerd flag with pride with this speccy Book Nerd enamel badge. Also available in blue so you can buy two!

£7.95 from Rather Keen at Etsy

Delivers internationally

Love Books Enamel Pin

You could look at this pin two ways – you love books or you’re all about love books – or maybe both. Also available in white.

£7.50 from Old English Co.

Delivers internationally

* All prices correct at time of posting (November, 2020).
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