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10 Romance Authors to Follow on Pinterest

I have a personal Pinterest account which makes me ridiculously happy. Just seeing all the things I like sitting neatly on my screen gives me the happy shivers. But until recently, I haven’t been using it as much for my love of romance and romance novels.

This gave me a great excuse to do a deep dive into Pinterest looking for some great romance authors who are killing it with their Pinterest game.

If you, like me, are just beginning to realise that Pinterest is a great way to find like-minded romance lovers, and discover new authors, then here are 10 great romance authors to follow on Pinterest.

And if you want to share the love with me, you can find and follow me on Pinterest here.

Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean is a great place to start on Pinterest if you love historical romance. She has boards for her books/series and lots of historical info, as well as some for her dream office, her style and things that are good for a chuckle.

Carly Phillips

Carly Phillips feels the same about her Pinterest boards as I do mine – they have to make her happy every time she looks at them. As well as boards for her books and series, she has some for Snoopy-isms, hairstyles, man candy and It’s All Pink to name but a few.

Maya Hughes

Maya Hughes Pinterest boards are as fun and stylish as her books. She’s even made pretty, matching board covers that I love!

Her boards include those for her books and series, her music, dream wardrobe, organisation inspiration, library love and – wait for it – cupcake recipes! You can see why her boards get 1.4m monthly views!

Lucy Monroe

Ms Monroe writes contemporary, paranormal and historical romance – and her boards are equally as varied.

She’s got boards for her books/series, postive quotes, hotties who inspire, cosy places to read, library inspiration and travel – something for everyone, then!

Julia London

Julia London’s novels are as hot and sexy as her Pinterest boards. So many abs! Sigh.

As well as those for her books and series, she has boards for people she admires, books worth reading, and everything in between. Give her a follow.

Kennedy Ryan

There’s something about Kennedy Ryan’s Pinterest page that is so elegant. All those delicious black and white photographs, perhaps.

She has boards for each series/book, as well as some for cool quotes, Audrey Hepburn, articles and autism.

Priscilla Oliveras

Priscilla Oliveras’ Pinterest boards make me smile just as much as she and her books do.

She’s got a great range of boards with everything from inspirations for heroes and heroines, crafts, styling, memorable quotes, romance, cute things and writing.

Roxie Noir

It’s no secret that I adore Ms Noir and her writing… so it’s no surprise that I’m in love with her Pinterest boards, too!

She’s got boards for each of her Loveless Brothers – some have more than one! – her other books, her love of beards, eye candy (if those Loveless boys aren’t enough for you!) and a writing treehouse.

Meredith Wild

Ms Wild’s Pinterest boards just cement her, in my mind, as someone I want to be my friend.

With boards such as Ooh La La and Man Candy – you’ll soon see why. She’s also got boards for fashion inspiration, writing, authors she loves, book addicts and beautiful people.

Sabrina Jeffries

Sabrina Jeffries is one of the queens of historical romance and her Pinterest boards just show why she’s one of the best.

She has boards for every detail of the Regency period – anything you want/need to know – you’ll find it here. She also has boards for her books/series, memes, crafts, Christmas and jigsaws (she’s a jigsaw fiend!).

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